Soul & Strategy Alignment

With the right offers, the right strategy and the right systems, you can love your business again.

Through strategy and soul alignment, I help you generate offers you can market and deliver with joy. Then I bring my creative prowess and ops savvy to work for you with a suite of done-for-you services to make it happen.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Let’s talk about your love/hate relationship with your business.

Do any of these sound familiar?

→ Your business was supposed to give you time freedom, but you feel like you can never take time off.

→ Your business was supposed to give you financial freedom, but you feel like you’re always struggling.

→ You feel like you’re marketing all the time but somehow just shouting into the void.

→ You feel like your business runs you, rather than the other way around.

→ You pay big money to learn strategies that just don’t seem to work for you.

The good news, my friend, is that you are in very good company. There are so many smart, capable women feeling discontent and burnout in their own businesses.

Even Better News...

The solution requires doing less, not more

Even better news... the solution requires doing less, not more.

Think about how many projects you pour effort into that never pay off. Maybe they never even get completed. 

Think about the time you spend trying different strategies, trying to figure out what will actually work.

Think about the missteps that seemed like such a good idea but were a total disaster.

There’s nothing wrong with you, life is just messy sometimes. 

And. When you align your business with who you are and what you want to accomplish in the world, everything becomes infinitely clearer. 

Decorative photo of a computer and coffee mug on a desk.

This is how you build a business you love:

1. Create an offer suite and business model that you feel AMAZING about

It feels ironic that this isn’t automatic, but it’s definitely not. The reality is that when we’re building our businesses, we’re looking at so many factors other than what we want to create. And that’s not entirely bad! 

  • We’re looking at the market and generating ideas we think will sell
  • We’re working with partners and compromising 
  • We’re using less-than-ideal technology and making it work
  • We don’t always know what we’re passionate about, or what we really want to do

All of these are perfectly reasonable. And yet, in order to build a business you love, you must align the work you want to do with the way you make money as much as you possibly can.

2. Find a strategy you love

As a business owner, your business model and your strategy determine how you spend most of your time, especially once you outsource or automate your operation. There are way more viable strategies out there that will help you meet your financial goals than there are strategies that will fulfill you in the process. When you select strategies you feel well equipped and excited to implement, you’re much more likely to follow through so you can experience the business growth and career fulfillment you desire.

3. Build systems & processes that make it sustainable

If you are still running your entire operation, you probably know that comfort zones aren’t always comfortable. And if you have a growing team, you probably know that outsourcing does not automatically bring relief – or results. If the day-to-day activities of you and your team are not aligned with your growth strategy, it results in frustration. It looks like so much activity, but that activity isn’t building traction. 

To build a business you love, you need to create the best possible chance for your hard work to pay off, and you need to outsource or delegate the pieces you don’t love.

Everything can change in just 12 weeks.

Strategy & Soul

Always, we begin with alignment. The more your strategy is aligned with your soul, the more your days will be spent on what lights you up. 

Combining deep soul work with super practical exploration, you’ll end this phase with a clear idea of what business model and offer suite will work best for you, and a project plan for implementation.

This is also where we’ll talk about what you can stop doing because what you say no to is just as important as what you say yes to.

Craft Your Offer

This is where we bring ideas to life, putting the project plan from the Strategy & Soul phase into action.

As a certified project manager, if you have a team I’ll work with them to implement. If you don’t – or just need some extra firepower – I offer a suite of done-for-you creative services.

We’ll build your offer and design your offer’s marketing and operations so they are full of actual ease and flow for you. I’ll obsess over the details so you don’t have to.


From copywriting to design to scripting, I love to bring ideas to life.

Have gaps on your team? Or don’t have a team yet and you’re soooo tired of doing it all yourself? No problem, I’m in! 

Because we start with strategy and soul, by this point it will be super clear where gaps may exist and what needs to be done so you can focus on the pieces that only you as the founder can do. 

When your strategy is aligned with your soul, 

and your days are aligned with your strategy,

you have a business that lights you up.

It’s as simple… and as complicated… as that. 

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Becca, and I’m passionate about helping people spend more time on what their soul’s are calling them to do and less on uncertainty, doubt or frustration. 

Formerly a Jill-Of-All-Trades, I bring more than 2 decades of experience in copywriting, editing, graphic design, event planning, program creation, operations, project management, leadership development, coaching, and strategic integration. 

I’ve experienced the frustration of trying to build a business when your heart isn’t really in it, the heartache of uncertainty and confusion when you can’t see how all the pieces will come together, and the loneliness of trying to do it on your own. 

My mission is to help you turn your hard days into deep insights, solid plans and new offers for your business so you can love how you spend your days.

What people are saying...

Testimonial screenshot from LinkedIn: Emily 🌱 Liou, PHR, ELI-MP, CPCEmily 🌱 Liou, PHR, ELI-MP, CPC · 1stFirst degree connection I help you land your dream job without applying online | Creator of Happily Hired programs | Ex-Recruiter | LinkedIn Top 10 VoicesI help you land your dream job without applying online | Creator of Happily Hired programs | Ex-Recruiter | LinkedIn Top 10 Voices February 14, 2024, Emily 🌱 managed Becca directlyFebruary 14, 2024, Emily 🌱 managed Becca directly Every CEO or visionary needs a Creative Strategic Integrator like Becca on their team. She is a wizard that will help you bring any of your ideas to life -- with precision, care, and fresh creative, SMART ideas. Becca helped free up my time massively by quickly jumping in and planning milestones, processes, goals, systems, and people management at a strategic 10,000 ft level. In a short period of time, she was able to take my vision, help me clarify it, and get it executed all while creating scalable processes and systems. I had total trust that with Becca steering the ship, everything would be handled with total peace of mind. Becca can handle anything thrown her way - and what she doesn't know - she is resourceful to find the answer on her own. As if that isn't enough, Becca also has a strength in communications and can help you with all phases of the business including sales, marketing, product/program ideation, and facilitation. Any org to snag her is a lucky one and can benefit from her compassionate leadership.
Testimonial from LinkedIn: Katie HarpKatie Harp · 1stFirst degree connection Marketing manager helping businesses grow ✨ Digital MarketingMarketing manager helping businesses grow ✨ Digital Marketing February 13, 2024, Katie worked with Becca on the same teamFebruary 13, 2024, Katie worked with Becca on the same team When I think of Becca, the words that come to mind are supportive and supported. With Becca on your team, not only do you know that everything will be taken care of with a strong attention to detail, excellent organization and communication, and strong project management skills, you also know that she genuinely cares and is there to support you, the team, and the project at hand. She will make sure all the ducks of your project are in a row with grace, kindness, and a great sense of humor! She is also great at looking for ways to improve current systems and processes and leaves everything better than she found it. Any company would be lucky to work with Becca!