**Thank you for visiting! Please note, The Puzzle Plan Solution is only offered once per quarter, and is currently closed, but if you are interested in booking for the next quarter, please join the waiting list here. This does NOT obligate you to purchase, but will give you first dibs when The Puzzle Plan Solution becomes available again.**

Do you love having a plan, but feel too overwhelmed to make a plan?

Do you want someone else to take all of the moving pieces and fit them together like a puzzle?

Introducing The Puzzle-Plan Solution!

What you get with this limited-time offer:

  • Three coaching sessions to clarify your goals and set you up for success
  • Twelve weeks of To-Do Lists, delivered via e-mail over the course of our 3 months together
  • Three months of accountability and support so you can follow through
  • A free copy of Beyond Intentions to help you stick with it long-term

How it works:

  • Consultation (60 minutes)
    • We’ll talk through all of the moving pieces in your life: Your unique challenges, needs, personality, dreams, obligations, priorities, projects, and desires.
      • If you love the Puzzle-Plan Solution, and want to move forward, I’ll draft your plan for you.
      • Your plan is tailored to you. (I’ll even customize the colors!)
      • One cohesive plan for both personal and professional goals.
  • Second session (30 minutes)
    • We’ll review the draft of your plan, and discuss what might get in the way, as well as how we can set you up for success.
      • We’ll discuss routines & systems that can help you get more done in less time. (With less stress!)
      • Afterward, I’ll revise your plan and send you a final draft.
      • We’ll reality-check the plan to make sure you’re not overloading yourself, while staying as ambitious as you want to be.
  • Third session (60 minutes)
    • We’ll refine your plan and make sure you’re set up for success!
    • We’ll work through any challenges that have come up.
  • Three months of e-mail support
    • We’ll touch base every two weeks for accountability & encouragement
    • I’ll send you your To-Do lists for the next two weeks, which will eliminate ambiguity and help you make the most of the time you have to work toward your goals.

Click here to request a free consultation. We’ll dive into your unique challenges, needs, personality, dreams, obligations, priorities, projects, and desires. If you love the Puzzle-Plan Solution and want to purchase, we’ll schedule your remaining two sessions and an invoice for $347 will be sent at that time. The consultation is free (and no-pressure) either way!

This plan is perfect for you if:

  • You love having a plan, but hate the detailed work of making a plan.
  • You have multiple priorities to consider and need someone to put them together in a cohesive plan.
  • You know what you need to do, but feel paralyzed by how much there is to do, and need a clear path forward.