Free download The ultimate guide to strategy & soul alignment Simple & effective keys to building a business you love “When I hear what you have to say, I am inspired and encouraged, but also empowered. Truly empowered. Your words immediately translate into my mind as “I can do this!” It completely takes the pressure off.” ~ Kristen C. Image shows a mockup of several pages from the Strategy & Soul Alignment guide. The only one to show in full says "Strategy & Soul Alignment: Your guide to building a business you love. By Becca Rusinko."

What you’ll get:

  • The 3 key components to build a business you love (it’s waaayy more possible than you think!)
  • An assessment to help you identify your next steps (because we’re all about action around here!)
  • A simple but effective tool for balancing your financial goals and your fulfillment goals (both matter!)