Beyond Intentions Workbook (PDF Download)

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I’m so excited you’re ready to go Beyond Intentions! This Step-by-Step Guide is designed to cut through the overwhelm and help you make decisions about how to spend your time.

It’s not just about having a plan, it’s about LIVING. 🌿 We’ll talk about how to keep track of everything, build consistency, and follow through. ✅ You are going to LOVE the feeling of being able to SEE your progress!

And the included implementation guide will help you stay on track. Even if you get knocked off course, you’ll know how to find your way back.

The result? More peace. More purpose. And a life that fits just right.

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Your PDF download includes more than a dozen exercises and step-by-step instructions to create a personalized plan, keep track of everything, and turn intentions into actions. Automatically delivered via email. 

1 review for Beyond Intentions Workbook (PDF Download)

  1. Kristen Carter

    As I’m reading your book I am filled with peace. I’d read anything you write! I don’t know exactly how to pinpoint it, but the instruction that you give is extremely useful but it also reads my mind of shame, fear, pressure, confusion. When I read what you have to say (for that matter when I listen to what you have to say) I am inspired and encouraged, but I am also empowered. Truly empowered. Your words immediately translate into my mind as “I can do this!“ It completely takes the pressure off and frees up a space to function. I could never thank you enough.

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