Beyond Intentions e-Workbook (Original)

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I’m so excited you’re ready to go Beyond Intentions!

This step-by-step guide will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on your goals
  • Match your actions to what you actually want
  • Finally stick to your plan
  • Take the pressure off getting it “right” and help you recharge

Planners help you organize your time, but they don’t connect to your real life.

Beyond Intentions shows you how to set your goals and plan your daily actions based on your life – for realistic, achievable success!

Aligning intentions + actions = SUCCESS

And that’s exactly what Beyond Intentions shows you how to do. Once you’ve used the workbook to set intentional, achievable goals based on the capacity you actually have, you can use the *BONUS* implementation guide to help keep you on track. 

Beyond Intentions is perfect for you if you’re:

✓ Ready to stop making plans you can’t keep and setting goals you don’t reach

✓ Excited to master a simple process that you can use over and over – with repeated success

✓ Tired of spending your time in ways that don’t get you closer to what matters

Beyond Intentions is all about giving you more peace, more purpose, and a life that fits just right.

Click below to turn those goals into reality!

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2 reviews for Beyond Intentions e-Workbook (Original)

  1. Kristen Carter

    As I’m reading your book I am filled with peace. I’d read anything you write! I don’t know exactly how to pinpoint it, but the instruction that you give is extremely useful but it also reads my mind of shame, fear, pressure, confusion. When I read what you have to say (for that matter when I listen to what you have to say) I am inspired and encouraged, but I am also empowered. Truly empowered. Your words immediately translate into my mind as “I can do this!“ It completely takes the pressure off and frees up a space to function. I could never thank you enough.

  2. Stacie Moore

    I had a Clarity session with Becca yesterday and all I can say is wow! That session was the the answer I didnt know I needed!
    Becca’s use of questions helps you to really think. She didn’t talk alot or take everything back to her own personal experience. It was truly eye opening for me. I loved it!

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