Journal Prompts

15 Journal Prompts For Your Best Autumn Yet. A decorative photo shows a woman holding a cup of coffee and a book on a blanket in her lap. The photo is cropped close to the items she's holding.

Here’s a question that changed my life: What would it look like if it was easy? The last three months of the year are abundant with opportunities to experience and express beauty, joy, and connection. They can also be ripe for sky-high expectations. Take a moment here at the beginning to consider what you most want …

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Soulful Routines for a Purposeful Life. Decorative image shows a woman with a pen in her hand, gazing thoughtfully at something outside the frame. She has a notebook and a cup of coffee in front of her.

Like many things that shifted as I approached 40, I started craving routines with more substance. More oomph. More spark. I wanted to deepen the connection between intention and action. Actually, I wanted to deepen the connection with my own soul. I love to plan, and my monthly setup has been a favorite routine for …

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Journal prompts for focus, passion, and creativity. A decorative image shows a woman writing in a journal. She smiles, and has a positive vibe about her.

1. What do you want more of in your life right now? If you’re having a hard time getting started, browse this dreamy summer Pinterest Board and see if anything sparks in you. Pay attention to your reactions. Follow your instincts and your curiosity, and write about that. 2. What are you working toward right …

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