Organization and time management are incredible tools to help you build an intentional life, but they’re not everything. I have designed the below packages specifically to support you in your next steps as you go beyond intentions and take action.

Living an intentional life is not the default for any of us. It can be scary. There are plenty of obstacles – both internal, and external. There may be difficult decisions, or difficult relationships. It requires tenacity, perseverance, and growth. I’m here to support you on this journey!

E-mail Accountability

This is perfect for you if:

🔹 You come up with your deepest insights through thinking and writing

🔹 You love goal planning on your own but want accountability to keep you motivated

What’s included:

⭐️ Bi-weekly e-mail exchanges for three months

⭐️ Extra questions to help you integrate the work

⭐️ E-mail coaching to address challenges and sticking points

Investment: $129

The Full Beyond Intentions Experience

This is perfect for you if:

🔹 You come up with your deepest insights during conversations

🔹 You are new to goal planning, or need extra support getting organized

🔹 You crave feedback to help you find the best path forward

What’s included

⭐️ Eight 30-minute coaching sessions (via Zoom or phone call)

⭐️ We’ll establish your Master List

⭐️ We’ll work together to create the routines that will support you and get you set up with the right tools.

⭐️ We’ll dive deep into your goals and intentions.

⭐️ We’ll do your first four Weekly Setups and first two Monthly Setups together.

⭐️ We’ll work through any trade-offs that need to be made.

Investment: $397

Way Beyond Intentions: Integrated Coaching Package

This is perfect for you if:

🔹 You feel overloaded and want to initiate significant change

🔹 You’re unsure of your goals, OR unsure how to reach them

🔹 You come up with your deepest insights during conversations

🔹 Your circumstances are complex, and you need someone to help you sort it all out

What’s included:

⭐️ Weekly 50-minute sessions for 12 weeks (via Zoom or phone call)

⭐️ E-mail support between sessions

⭐️ Deep dive into both goal setting and intention setting. We’ll create a clear, compelling vision and articulate the actions that will move you toward that vision.

⭐️ We’ll identify your priorities, your values, and your needs, and will create a plan that encompasses all three.

⭐️ We’ll set up structures that will support you. We’ll work together to create and refine the habits, routines, and systems that will make your life easier.

⭐️ We’ll overcome challenges and solve problems that distract you or keep you from your goals and intentions.

Investment: $1,197

Additional Packages Available:

Flagship Coaching Package (Perfect for if you feel like you need a life reset)

The Puzzle-Plan Solution (Perfect for if you love having a plan, but hate making a plan)