If you have a big heart and some big goals, but are STRESSED from being pulled in a thousand different directions, I want to help you take control of your time and get your peace back, with the Beyond Intentions workbook.

This is for the times when Time Management just isn’t enough. 💛 The exercises are strategically arranged to cut through the overwhelm and help you make decisions about how to spend your time.

It’s not just about having a plan, it’s about LIVING. 🌿 We’ll talk about how to keep track of everything, build consistency, and follow through. ✅ You are going to LOVE the feeling of being able to SEE your progress!

And the included implementation guide will help you stay on track. Even if you get knocked off course, you’ll know how to find your way back.

The result? More peace. More purpose. And a life that fits just right.  

What Makes Beyond Intentions Different?

It’s not just another planner, or a fancy To-Do List that you have to buy over and over again. We already have plenty of those, right? And yet, most of us still feel frazzled and out of control. That’s because we need a system, not just another tool.

Think about how automatic it is to check your calendar when scheduling a meeting. You know exactly what to do.

But what do you do with tasks that are more ambiguous? Or require attention over time?

You need a predictable a path for those, too, and Beyond Intentions makes it easy for you by walking you through a simple framework you can adjust for your personality and preferences.

Develop Routines to Stay On Track

Have you ever made a brilliant plan, only to forget about it days later? The world is so noisy, and you’re pulled in so many directions, you need a rhythm to keep you coming back to center. Beyond Intentions guides you through setting up a few simple, comforting routines that will help you:

➡️ Create a do-able plan based on your goals, intentions, and priorities

➡️ Align your actions to that plan

➡️ Build consistency so you can follow through

➡️ Rest well, trusting that everything truly important will get done

The Not-To-Do List

Saying no is hard. We have this natural inclination to want to help. To be there for others. To be a team player.

I get it.

My mission is to help you make a Not-To-Do List and stick to it. We put the focus on what you are doing, and why, so you can make choices with confidence.

An Emphasis on Rest

You are more than your dreams, goals, or actions. You were created with a capacity to work, yes, but also with a need for nourishment, rest, and connection. By relieving the stress of an unmanageable To-Do List, Beyond Intentions helps you rest well and be truly present with your loved ones.

Take the Pressure Off Your Over-Worked Memory

Beyond Intentions includes a six-month implement guide to help you put everything you learn into practice.

About Becca:

Hi! I’m Becca, and I have a degree in Business Administration, and more than ten years of leadership, management, and coaching experience. The exercises in Beyond Intentions have been field-tested in all kinds of high-pressure situations, and have been life-savers for my team, my clients, and myself.

I have always loved planning, time management, and organization. As I’ve grown and traveled, I’ve also developed a deep understanding of and appreciation for the ways we can each create positive changes in our individual lives and in our world. These days, I use all of this to help big-hearted people achieve their goals by becoming more organized, strategic, and intentional. I can’t wait to get to know you, and watch all the amazing ways you impact your world!