The cover depicts a woman holding a mug, gazing thoughtfully out the window. She is wearing a cozy sweater. The covery says: Beyond Intentions. Fall edition. By Becca Rusinko. a step-by-step guide to help you get out of your head, keep track of everything, and turn intentions into actions.

Ready for a fresh start this fall?

The Beyond Intentions Workbook is designed to help you make space in your life for what matters most:

✓  Get crystal clear on your priorities

✓  Turn those priorities into a plan

Set your life up to support your goals and dreams

Feel less frazzled and finally recharge

The cover depicts a woman holding a mug, gazing thoughtfully out the window. She is wearing a cozy sweater. The covery says: Beyond Intentions. Fall edition. By Becca Rusinko. a step-by-step guide to help you get out of your head, keep track of everything, and turn intentions into actions.
Part workbook, part journal, part guide, 

Beyond Intentions teaches you a proven process for planner organization

that can be used with any planner to:
checkmark Get crystal clear on your priorities, goals & intentions
checkmark Align your actions to them…
checkmark Build consistency & follow through…
checkmark Take the pressure off & rest well!

Does this describe you?

  • You already have too many planners, calendars, and lists, and yet you STILL feel overwhelmed.
  • You have too many ideas and can’t decide which to pursue–especially this time of year!
  • You’re pulled in too many different directions.
  • You struggle to take consistent action and follow-through.
  • You keep making brilliant plans, but forget about them a few days later.
  • There’s a big difference between how you WANT to spend your time, and how you actually spend it, and you’re ready to change that.

What makes Beyond Intentions Different?

It’s not just another planner you’ll have to purchase over and over again. We already have plenty of those, right? And yet most of us still feel frazzled and out of control.

Why is that?

The thing is, we’re trying to solve problems with time management when we actually need a much deeper solution. The exercises in Beyond Intentions are strategically designed to cut through the overwhelm and help you make intentional choices about how to spend your time–then align your actions with those choices.

The Beyond Intentions Fall Edition is perfect for you if you’re:

✓ Tired of spending your time in ways that don’t get you closer to what matters

✓ Ready to make plans like you mean it and set goals you’ll achieve 

✓ Excited to master a simple process that you can use over and over – with repeated success

✓ You love fall imagery, inspirational quotes and quiet moments with your planner

A Closer Look 1. Instant Relief: Exercises to take the pressure off your over-worked memory and get a handle on your To-Do List. Text from the sample page shown: This is where you let it all fly. Let all of your thoughts and feelings flow. You don't need to write in complete sentences. You don't need to be cohesive. Don't worry too much about which category to put your details in. This isn't the permanent record, and you'll review all of them before we're done. Get it all out on page 12. If your brain still feels cluttered, try the Four-Square Framework on pages 14 and 15. Otherwise, turn to page 16 to learn how to turn your Download into a Master List. This is where we start to turn the chaos into an intentional plan.
2. Create Routines that will help you stay connected to your plan and align your daily actions to your goals & priorities. A simple framework that can be adjusted for your personality & preferences. Text from the sample page shown: The season of release. Fall energy is some of my favorite energy. I love the coziness and the colors and the scents, but also... It's a season to let go of anything that has run its course. Take some time to read through everything you've written so far about your priorities, intentions, and what matters most to you. What gets in the way of living this life you've described? Is there anything you can release that would pave the way for more of the experiences you want to have and the things you want to create? It may help to revisit your Not-To-Do List and remind yourself why you made those decisions. Take the pressure off yourself to do it immediately or perfectly, just set your course toward the right yeses and no's for you. This is your chance to fill the coming months with the MOST important things first. Go ahead and start scheduling them now. Let them squeeze out some of the things you're letting go of. And then go ahead and schedule some margin. Fill your calendar with the things that matter most. The things you want most. And the things that will help you get there.
3. This is where we choose the tools--the calendars, planners, and apps--that will make the process easy & painless. If you have one you love, great! If not, you'll have a chance to experiment and choose the best ones for YOU. Text from the sample page shown: Here's why it's important to write these down: All day long, new tasks will pop up which need your attention and follow-through. Think about how automatic it is to check your calendar when scheduling a meeting. You know exactly what to do. But what if it's something more abstract? What if it requires repeated attention, over time? When something pops up, you need to know what to do with it. You need a predictable path. Where will you write these things? When will you look at them? How will you make sure you'll follow through? By writing down where you'll keep random notes, you've already begun. By beginning an afternoon routine, you know exactly when you'll look at them. And by choosing where you'll keep your Master List and To-Do list, you know how you can make sure to follow through. But consistency is the key to strengthen that memory muscle until the action becomes automatic. Writing down which tools you'll use will help you build that consistency.
4. There's never "enough" time, so we talk about what to do when you can't do everything. We keep healthy boundaries. We say no with grace. We focus on what we ARE doing, not what we aren't. This is guilt-free planning. Text from the sample page shown: So far, the goal of this workbook has been to help you make intentional choices about what to spend your time on, and then align your actions to those choices—including time for rest, without guilt. When you set your goals and make your plans, you choose what to give your time to. There will always be things on your Master List that you can't give time to right now, or things you wish you could do, but can't. And that is the trade-off. First things first: Nothing is wrong with you. We are all finite. You need rest, connection, nourishment, and play, and you are allowed to make time for those things. That is never the problem. The problem arises when we don't acknowledge this reality. We either try to cram everything in, spreading ourselves too thin, or we drop the ball and feel badly about it. But perhaps we can find a different way. A way of honesty and integrity that is both clear and kind.

Some things you might be wondering about…

✓ The Beyond Intentions process can be paired with any planner, calendar or project management system. 

✓ The Beyond Intentions Fall Edition is a PDF download you can use with most PDF annotation software. 

✓ Beyond Intentions is full of prompts and includes spaces to write, but if you don’t have PDF annotation software you love, you can easily use a journal or notebook instead. 

Meet Becca. There is a photo of Becca smiling.

Hi! I’m Becca. I’m a strategic integrator leading a busy team to balance multiple priorities along with daily tasks. I have a degree in Business Administration, and more than ten years of leadership, management, and coaching experience.

The exercises in Beyond Intentions have been field-tested in all kinds of high-pressure situations, and have been life-savers for my team, my clients, and myself.

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