Hi! I’m Becca, and I’m a life and business coach based in Syracuse, NY. I have a degree in Business Administration from Colorado Christian University, and ten years of leadership and management experience in Global Corporate Trust for a large international bank.

I help hard-working people become more organized, strategic, and intentional in their lives and careers through one-on-one coaching where we:

  • Gain clarity around values and goals to ensure they are aligned and well-defined
  • Create an action plan to balance multiple priorities and identify practical next steps
  • Identify systems and processes that can provide a framework of support to drive the goals forward
  • Dig into roadblocks and challenges to find solutions
  • Work through doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs to increase confidence

What could this look like for you?

I’ll ask questions that help you find the right answers for your life. The questions will help you sort through the tangle of thoughts, feelings, ideas, stresses, and questions that crowd your mind and wake you up at 2AM.

We’ll get to the heart of what you truly want and need, and we’ll get really specific about what you’re creating, and how you want to experience your life.

Then, we’ll talk about strategy, action plans, and priorities. We’ll work through complex challenges and overcome fears. All at the pace that feels right to you.

I believe in this work, and I want this kind of support to be available to everyone, which means packages start at just $155.

Want to know more? You can e-mail me to request a no-pressure/no-cost consultation by clicking here. I’d love to talk to you! I’m also on Instagram, Facebook, and Medium. Stop by and say hi!