Journal Prompts for Strategy & Soul Alignment

Journal Prompts for Strategy & Soul Alignment

If you want to build a business that engages your full self, brings out the best in you, and makes the impact you set out to make, you need strategy and soul alignment. It’s the thing that keeps us from spinning in circles, always busy but never moving forward. 

Use the journal prompts below to help you blend your purpose and personal rhythms to create a business you genuinely love showing up for each day. Reconnect with your core motivations and gain insight that will help you design an aligned strategic path so that every step is filled with meaning, energy, and clarity.

Journal Prompts for Strategy & Soul Alignment

The Big Picture

These journal prompts will help you explore how you structure your business for maximum effectiveness and fulfillment.

Purpose: Reflect on why you started your business. What drives you? What impact do you want to make? Reconnect with your core purpose and let it guide your strategic decisions.

Impact: Think about the difference you want to make in the world. Aligning your strategy with your desired impact ensures that your work is meaningful and fulfilling.

Personhood: Honor the way you work best. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you thrive in solitude or need regular social interactions? Design your business model to fit your natural rhythms and preferences.

Boundaries: What boundaries do you need to protect your energy and time so you can spend your best energy on what truly matters?

Energy: Pay attention to what energizes you and what drains you. Incorporate activities that fuel your passion and excitement into your daily routine. Delegate or eliminate tasks that deplete your energy.

Priorities: Identify your top priorities and align your actions accordingly. Focus on high-impact activities that move you closer to your goals. Let go of distractions and stay committed to your path.

Turning Vision into Action

Once you’ve aligned your strategy with your soul, the next step is to align how you spend your time to ensure that your daily activities support your overall vision.

Write a plan. Did you know that companies with written business plans grow as much as 30% faster than those who don’t? By writing your goals down, you’re significantly more likely to achieve them, so take some time to journal about how you envision your business growing over the coming months.

Simplify. Streamline your plan to clarify the actions you need to take. Consistency is vital. What actions can you take every day or every week that will inevitably move you toward your goals?

Not-To-Do List. You’ve already set your priorities, but there will undoubtedly be countless other things you could do with your time. What are you choosing to say NO to in order to make your vision come to life?

Communicate. What conversations might set you up for success? If you have a team, bring them into the loop so they know their roles. If you’re setting aside dedicated time on certain days, let them know you’ll be out of communication. Do you need support from colleagues, partners or friends? Are there any uncomfortable conversations you need to have, to get them out of the way?

Support. What has pulled you off-track in the past? What support do you need to stay on track? What would support look and feel like? Do you rebel against rigidity, even your own, or do you need someone to hold you accountable in order to get anything done?

Reflection: What will success look like? How will you know you’ve succeeded? Set aside time for regular reflection and evaluation. Assess your progress, celebrate your achievements, and identify areas for improvement. Adjust your strategy and actions as needed to stay aligned with your vision.

Getting stuck is part of life, especially as an entrepreneur, and getting unstuck is a valuable skill. Practice noticing when you’re feeling stuck and using these exercises to generate forward movement. 

Feeling extra stuck? Here are a few free resources to help you:

The Strategy & Soul Alignment Guide. I created this to help you simplify your strategy and find some delicious synergies to create more flow in your work. 

A free 30-minute Strategy & Soul session with me. I LOVE creating a safe space for entrepreneurs like you to unpack your real feelings about your business (good and bad) and gain clarity on your next steps. 

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