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How to Grow Your Confidence in Your Business

Grow your confidence; grow your business.

There is nothing quite as empowering and liberating as a deep-seated sense of confidence, knowing that you are capable of making wise decisions, taking bold actions, and navigating challenges with resilience. When you are confident, it radiates through your work, attracting aligned clients and opportunities. When you are confident, you are more willing to take risks and explore new ideas, letting creativity and innovation flow. 

A lot of advice for building confidence focuses on celebrating wins, setting reasonable goals and embracing failure. Those are all important, but I’ve seen something bigger that gets in the way of the kind of confidence I just described: 

The fear of success. 

We don’t talk nearly enough about the fear of success, but many of us feel this more acutely than we feel the fear of failure. We know how to deal with failure. We’ve handled setbacks before. We have a plan B, and probably a plan C, and we know we can figure it out. 

But success? Whooo there’s a lot of unknown there. 

Now, it’s not always fear per se, but we need to talk about the mental clutter that causes you to subconsciously resist success, and for simplicity, let’s call it fear. 

The important thing to recognize is that a subconscious fear of success may be causing you to self-sabotage, procrastinate or even give up. Those can be a big hit to your confidence and can create a destructive cycle. I’ve seen people get so frustrated with themselves and I just want to hug them because they’re not lazy and they’re certainly not stupid, they’re just out of alignment, and that’s causing ambivalence, and that’s playing out in their actions.

Let’s look at a few ways to reverse this cycle and conquer your fear of success and build vibrant confidence that invites success

1. Get clear on what you want

You’ve probably heard at least one story about someone who changed careers because they realized they didn’t want their boss’s job. 

The same thing happens to business owners, it’s just a little less obvious. If you look at “successful” business owners and think to yourself “ugh, I don’t want it to be like that” and you haven’t really thought through how you’re going to safeguard yourself, it’s going to show up as ambivalence. 

If you’re not really sure the thing you’re working so hard toward is really the thing you want, of course you’re going to be ambivalent! Especially because building a business requires going outside your comfort zone. Alignment isn’t about staying inside your comfort zone, it’s about growing your comfort zone in an aligned way. You know the difference between forcing yourself to do something you dread versus rising to a healthy challenge. 

If you’re ambivalent about your goal, you’re going to pursue it ambivalently. 

Align the goal and your confidence will automatically increase.

The good news is that this hesitancy is actually highlighting something really important. 

It’s so important to think about the life you are creating and align your goals to your own version of success. There are way more ways to make money than there are ways to find fulfillment, and it’s important to balance your financial goals with your fulfillment goals. 

Are there pieces of traditional success that you don’t want? Or, are there things that MUST be part of your business for it to feel like success to you, even if others don’t care about those things?

What does your best version of success look like? 

As an entrepreneur, this has to include how you market, how you sell, and how you deliver. All of it needs to be aligned.

This is the time to realign your business goals so that you feel joyful about what you’re creating, authentic in how you’re creating it, and excited about the process. 

2. Get ready for success

Let’s be honest, we entrepreneurs tend to be good at figuring things out on the fly. It’s so tempting to put all our energy into marketing and figure the rest out when we need to.

HOWEVER, if you’re putting off too many things, telling yourself you’ll figure them out when the time comes, you may be subconsciously pushing away success because all those subconscious question marks are distracting you and exacerbating any fear of success you were already feeling.

If you KNEW your dream client would show up in your DM’s TODAY, what would you need to get ready? 

Or, if you KNEW 100 new clients would sign up for your program WITHIN A MONTH. What makes you go “oh my gosh, I better fix ____ before then!” 

Are you truly ready for the type of success you described in part 1? 

These questions will open up so much aligned action for you. Whatever you need to do to get ready, put a plan in place and get started.

Not only will this build your confidence, there’s actually a beautiful synergy that comes into play when you behave as though your dream clients are coming soon. 

Think about it. If you KNOW your dream clients are coming, you’ll be thinking so much more deeply about their needs and how you can meet them, and that will show through in every conversation you have. You’ll be building your own confidence in the results you deliver, and that energy and confidence you are creating will build genuine excitement which people will sense. You’ll be building resonance that will propel you forward. 

3. Clear the mental clutter

The only downside (if there is one) to this work is that if we’re not careful, this list of aligned actions can ironically become the very excuse we use to resist wholeheartedly pursuing our goals.

To be fair, there are legitimately times when it’s necessary to take a big step back and do some foundational work. For example, if during these reflections you realized you DON’T WANT 100 new clients in your current offer, or you truly could not serve them under the current circumstances, you might need to pause and make some adjustments before you make any big moves.  

But generally speaking, you can keep moving forward while you re-align. It’s sort of like going to the chiropractor. Those little adjustments make a world of difference, and usually it’s just a quick appointment, but occasionally an acute injury requires surgery. 

Just be honest with yourself. Tell yourself the truth about what you’re committed to, what you’re willing to change, and even what you’re not willing to do right now.

When you have a clear goal, a clear plan, and a clear mind, your confidence will naturally skyrocket, and that will completely revolutionize the way you experience the pursuit of your goal and the results that you get. 

Are you truly ready for the type of success you described in part 1? 

These questions will open up so much aligned action for you. Whatever you need to do to get ready, put a plan in place and get started.

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