15 Journal Prompts For Your Best Autumn Yet. A decorative photo shows a woman holding a cup of coffee and a book on a blanket in her lap. The photo is cropped close to the items she's holding.

15 Journal Prompts For Your Best Autumn Yet

Here’s a question that changed my life:

What would it look like if it was easy?

The last three months of the year are abundant with opportunities to experience and express beauty, joy, and connection. They can also be ripe for sky-high expectations.

Take a moment here at the beginning to consider what you most want out of these next three months, and how you can create those experiences without sacrificing your sanity.

What do you want to feel this fall? Examples: awe, enchantment, connection, wonder, joy, spooky, cozy, confident, magnetic, creative, grounded, present, empowered, vibrant, graceful, free, balanced, bold…

What do you want to experience? Are there traditions you want to start or continue? Do you have a fall or holiday bucket list? Capture anything you don’t want to miss this time of year.

Take a moment to think about any expectations you may have for the other people involved in these hopes and plans. Are you able to verbalize those expectations? Are you willing to communicate them?

Who are you becoming? This is such a big question but just think about how you are growing as a person. What are you learning about yourself? What are you leaning into? How do you want to show up?

How do you need to care for yourself during this season? How can you add a little balance? Where might you need some extra rest, self-care or self-love? What replenishes you?

Spend a few moments visualizing feeling the way you want to feel, experiencing the things you hope to experience, and connecting with your loved ones in life giving ways. Then allow those insights to lead how you fill your calendar this fall. 

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