Beyond Time Management: How to Create a Business (and a Life!) That Works

Beyond Time Management: How to Create a Business (and a Life!) That Works

This webinar is a collaboration with the Onondaga county Small Business Development Center. We set out to talk about:

• Why traditional time management doesn’t work for everyone (especially now)

• How to choose goals & set priorities (when you have way too much to do)

• The three routines that will keep you on track

• Practical ways to set yourself up for success

We did cover all of these, and wound up talking about so much more, including boundaries, guilt, balance…

It’s a complex world out there, and we all have to make some hard decisions, but I hope this helps make navigating it all a little bit easier!


Clarity Sessions are free 1-on-1 sessions where I will help you:

    • Clarify your goals & priorities
    • Identify what will get you unstuck
    • Create a game plan for the month

If you’re feeling indecisive, distracted, overwhelmed, or stuck, this is for you! You’ll leave with clarity on what you’re working toward, and how to get there. Click here to learn more!


The Beyond Intentions Workbook is your step-by-step guide to help you:

    • Get out of your head
    • Keep track of everything
    • Turn intentions into actions

Planners help you organize your time, but they don’t connect to your real life.

Beyond Intentions shows you how to set your goals and plan your daily actions based on your life – for realistic, achievable success!

Aligning intentions + actions = SUCCESS

Click here to learn more!

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