Too Much to Do? Here's How to Choose The Best Goals to Pursue [The decorative image shows a woman sitting on a table beside a window, writing in a notebook. She is wearing glasses and looks intentional in her writing.]

Too Much To Do? Here’s How to Choose the Best Goals to Pursue

We’ve been talking a lot around here about how hard it is to know where to spend your very limited time, energy, and attention. How do you know what will give you the best results? There are no guarantees. How do you know what to prioritize? It feels like everything needs your attention right now.

I hear you.

This 17-minute video is for you if:

  • You have way too many ideas, or you’re pulled in way too many directions, and you’re not sure how to prioritize them
  • You’re constantly starting things, but rarely finishing them
  • You feel lost, overwhelmed, confused, or stuck
  • You want to make an impact and have a life

We’ll talk about why it’s so hard to choose a direction, and why it’s so hard to stay focused, and so easy to second-guess ourselves.

Then we’ll talk about some practical ways you can sort through it all and make aligned decisions, then set yourself up to stick with it.

And if you need some one-on-one help, I’m offering it FOR FREE this month! The details are all below!

Here’s the best part: I would love to help you one-on-one, for free! I’m offering free Clarity Sessions where we will:

  • Clarify your goals & priorities
  • Identify what will get you unstuck
  • Create a do-able plan

They are completely free, and there is no pressure to continue being coached, but they’re only available until October 22, 2021, so click here to book yours today! I’d love to work with you!

Other resources mentioned:

The Values Clarification from Brene Brown

The Chaos to Clarity Guide (For When the List Feels Too Overwhelming)

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