How Do You Know If Coaching Is Right For You?

I have been working with coaches since 2014 (although back then I called them mentors) and I have found that again and again, the process of intentionally reflecting and planning, trying ideas and refining them, has led to the greatest amount of growth in my life. I love books, podcasts, and courses, but coaching is about the integration of learning and insights. It’s about taking the inspiration, or the theory, and turning it into reality.

To me, the heart and soul of coaching is this:

  1. You are supported. You have someone who will help you work through the complexity of your life and your projects.
  2. You are actively working toward personal and professional development, doing the hard work and the heart work that brings growth in your life.

The internal work supports the external work. And we will do both.

How do you know if coaching might be right for you? Coaching can be a great help if one or more of the below are true for you:

  1. You’re ready to explore change. This could be anywhere on the spectrum of change – it doesn’t have to mean major upheaval – but there may be a sense that something isn’t working, and you’re ready to figure out what that is.
  2. Your mind is crowded with thoughts that are vague, confusing, stressful, nebulous, or you don’t even know what you think or feel anymore.
  3. You lack clarity around what you’re working toward. Maybe you’re questioning whether you’re working toward the right things. Or maybe you have a few elements in mind that are non-negotiable, but aren’t sure exactly what those ideas could look like in real life, or how to get there from here.
  4. You know what you’re working toward, and you have a head full of ideas, you just need support to transform them into action plans and work through the challenges.

Coaching is not about forcing decisions, it’s about understanding what holds you back. It’s not about pushing through at any cost, it’s about understanding your motivation, and supporting you through challenges.

It’s about taking a fresh look at where you are, getting massive clarity on where you want to be, and finding the path from here to there.

Together we will:

  • Gain clarity around values and goals to ensure they are aligned and well-defined
  • Create an action plan to balance multiple priorities and identify practical next steps
  • Identify systems and processes that can provide a framework of support to drive the goals forward
  • Dig into roadblocks and challenges to find solutions
  • Work through doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs that could hinder progress or negatively impact the experience

If you want to explore the possibilities, I’d love to have a no-cost, no-pressure consultation with you. You can book yours here!

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