Mindset, Motivation, and Mental Resilience: An Interview With Gabe Cox

If reaching your purpose feels like a marathon you’re not ready for, then I want you to meet my new friend Gabe Cox, of @RedHotMindset. In her new book, “Mind Over Marathon: Overcoming Mental Barriers in the Race of Life.,” she uses her successful bid to the Boston Marathon as a backdrop for an exploration of principles that can help you achieve any goal or dream. If you’re looking to ignite passion and purpose in your life, clarify your unique game plan, and build confidence in who you are, this book is for you. Don’t worry: Running is optional! 

Becca: Running a marathon is daunting all by itself, but you set out to shave 42 minutes off your marathon time in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon. What drove this decision for you, and how did you know you could accomplish it? 

Gabe: I wanted to prove to myself that I had it in me to do hard things. I think this was the main motivator. I also saw others doing it, and I wanted to be a part of the club. In my mind I knew that if I could accomplish shaving 42 minutes off my marathon pace, which is about a minute and a half per mile, I could do anything! I used it as a training ground for life, and it helped me eliminate excuses in other areas of my life. I’m not sure I knew I could accomplish it, at least when I set out for the first time to do it. So many doubts flooded my mind, but I knew I wouldn’t quit, that’s the part that kept me going after such a lofty dream. After a while, as I kept getting faster and began closing in on my goal, that’s actually when I began to believe in myself and that I could actually do it.

Becca: What made you decide to turn this experience into a book? For those who aren’t runners, how do these principles apply to everyday life? 

Gabe: I’ve always wanted to be an author, since I can remember. Writing is a passion of mine, and I believe it’s how I express myself best. When I was in the midst of training for the third time to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and I was working on that personal growth and the mental training necessary to go after such a large goal, I knew I had a book. If I could do it, anyone could. It became a mission for me to help others believe in themselves and be able to use the same process to achieve whatever goals they had for themselves, whether they be in running or in life. To be honest, the principles in this book are not running principles, I just share my running stories throughout. These are life principles that I used in my running. That’s what I love about this book. Runners will eat it up and absolutely relate, but so will non-runners. I think the saying, “Life is Like a Marathon,” holds true and can resonate with everyone.

Becca: How do you describe your life’s purpose and mission? 

Gabe: My mission is to help others overcome their mental barriers so they can run their best race, live their best lives, and achieve their dreams. I help them draw out their giftings and potential that they didn’t even know they had. I work to help create breakthroughs so they can get unstuck and stop quitting on themselves. I want them to know that they are worthy, and it’s their time.

What does mindset mean, and how does it help us move forward from challenging circumstances? 

Mindset is an established set of attitudes held by an individual. It can be learned, created by experiences, etc. Mindset matters because it affects every area of our lives. We actually have control over our mindset, and we can change our thinking. This is good news! The only way to negate a negative thought is to speak a positive word. That’s the idea behind positive self-talk. It does feel silly at first — until you do it long enough and see that it works! I worked my way out of a deep depression , which I identified in college, through a deep delve into personal development. I began to understand through studying success principles why words are massively powerful and began a journey of personal growth and positive self-talk.

What are the main principles your book explores, in addition to mindset? 


Gabe: The Main Takeaways of the book are:

  • A faith-based approach into building inner strength and resilience
  • How to turn your dreams into achievable goals
  • Overcome obstacles with various techniques that you can easily implement into your everyday life 
  • How we can build up mental resilience over time to be ready for any situation life brings 
  • How to stretch your potential without going into burnout 

What is your biggest hope for your readers? 

Gabe: My hope through this book is to provide encouragement, thought process, and tangible applications so readers can take a dream from inception to a flourishing finish, overcoming mental barriers along the way, and discovering the potential they always had.

Mind Over Marathon is available on Amazon.com. You can also follow Gabe on Instagram @RedHotMindset and find her on You Tube as Red Hot Mindset. P.S. If you have a runner in your life, check out the list of gift ideas for runners!

Cheering for all of you!

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