What helps you feel whole and well? Write your own permission slip.

What helps you feel whole and well? Write your own permission slip.

I feel like my heart is pulled in one hundred directions each day. I want to be brave and sweet and bold and kind, but too often, I find myself distracted. Life gets hectic, things get hard, and I start worrying about my future, or my silly to-do list, or whether I’m doing enough. I second guess myself, and get frustrated when things don’t go as planned.

I don’t want to be this way, constantly running from one thing to the next, missing moments that could be peaceful and restorative.

I see beauty everywhere, and I don’t want to miss it. I want a heart that is soft and awake and alive, that’s open to all of life and love, and I want to appreciate the little things (that are actually the big things).

The question is, how do I stay in tune with my heart and keep from being swayed by this relentless pull?

I think it’s time to write our own permission slips. We need something we can come back to when we feel far from our own selves. We need written reminders to make time for the things that matter, and the practices that help us navigate this crazy world.

So here are some of mine, and I’d love to hear some of yours.

I have no expectations of perfection from myself with regard to a single one, but they are my guideposts that help me remember who I am, and how I want to live, and they are my constant reminder to come back to the true me.

I am kind to myself, whether that means practical self-care, or having grace for myself on a tough day.

I make time to pray, read, meditate and journal.Advertisement. New home goods are here! Beautiful reminders to hold space for rest. Noonday collection. Independent Ambassador. Two clay products are shown. On the left is a candle holder, with layered colors of cream, tan, and pink. The other is a vessel holding a succulent. It is also decorated in layers of color, but they are on a slant. Brown, ocean blue, grey. The base is a terra cotta color. Please see the Noonday website for accessibility options and additional details.

I allow myself to rest. Physical, mental, and emotional white space is vital to my wellbeing.

I remember my core values, and aim to make choices in line with them.

I prioritize quality time with family and friends to nurture connection.

I give myself permission to ask for what I need, but choose to be flexible as often as I can.

I carefully curate who and what gets to influence me, influence how I act, and influence how I feel about myself.

I am honest with myself and others. I seek clarity and understanding.

I refuse to take criticism so very personally. I am very picky about whose feedback I take into consideration, and whose opinion matters.

I pursue growth through reading, experience, and reflection.

I practice creativity for its own sake.

I am open to opportunity, and willing to go outside my comfort zone.

I am grateful & I practice gratitude.

I seek meaning.

I choose positivity.

I will reflect often, pause and check in with myself and make sure I’m truly listening to my heart. What do I need in order to feel deeply well? Something practical? Something relational? What do I need more of? What do I need less of? Am I living in line with my core values? What am I most grateful for in this season? What matters most to me?

I make time for these practices because when I do, I light up, I participate in life more fully, and I am more creative, joyful, and at peace. And that is worthwhile.

5 thoughts on “What helps you feel whole and well? Write your own permission slip.”

  1. Your previous blogs have inspired me to think similarly, although I have not articulated my intentions as clearly as you have. Your manifesto is beautiful and healthy and wise. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. I definitely think personality comes into play. I’m an introvert, whose primary love language is quality time, so this particular blend of looking in vs. looking out is probably unique to me, but I think some of them are probably pretty universal. Were there any that particularly resonated or particularly didn’t for you?

      1. I definitely agree with your ideas about creativity, meaning, and openness to new experience. It seems to me that several of these ideas are looking to understand the boundary between your inner life and the world around you. For some reason today, I have a strong desire for myself that that boundary would disappear, and that I could dissolve like a drop in the ocean. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it seems significant.

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