Becca smiles gently. Behind her, you catch a glimpse of Paris.
Hello there! 

I’m Becca, a late-blooming creative with a serious inclination toward organization.

This is a space for women who make beautiful things happen and are learning to care for themselves. 

I write about the relationship between intention and action, an imperfect relationship even in the best of times, but one that can be filled with joy, growth, discovery, progress, and anything else we choose to infuse it with.

If you love to make a plan and get after it while staying rooted in love and connected to your heart & soul, this is for you. A destination where you can find practical tools to help you get out of your head, keep track of everything, and turn intention into action, plus a splash of inspiration and some fun extras to keep you motivated.

Come on in! 



Mindset & Motivation