What if you could conquer self-doubt and indecision?

Would it help to see your progress?

To feel yourself gaining traction?  

You don’t have to stay stuck. And you don’t have to go alone.

I am here to coach you toward the clarity and focus you need to achieve the right goals with confidence and peace.

When you know what you are working toward and why, it becomes easier to manage your time. When you make decisions based on what matters most, you can thrive as you work toward your goals. When you can talk freely about the things that held you back, you gain confidence to move forward. When you create the habits, routines, and systems that support you, it supercharges your progess.

How do we do this?

The process: 
Clarify what you need and want
Get the lay of the land
Set goals & plans that fit your life
Set yourself up for success
Overcome obstacles and refine your plan

We address both the internal and external factors that may have held you back in the past, so that you can move forward with confidence, focus, peace, and purpose.

What You Get:

Six coaching sessions via Zoom or Telephone to create a plan that allows you to move forward toward the right goals with confidence, in a way that fits you and your life.

Plus, you’ll get e-mail support between each session with further reflections to help you work through the material.

AND, after the end of your coaching package, we’ll have two thirty-minute monthly check-ins to help you refine your plan, stay motivated, and gain traction.

Investment: $495

Becca’s thoughtful questions, wise words, and radical candor have brought clarity, structure, and vision to my professional journey. With Becca’s guidance and encouragement, I have broken free of false narratives that were holding me back and I have unlocked new avenues for growth and impact. Best of all, Becca has equipped me with the tangible tools and strategies that I need to execute on my goals and aspirations. Now, I know where I am going, and I know how to get there. Everything just makes more sense!” -Tanner Hoffman, Program Director, Ugandan Water Project

“Oh my goodness! I have been puttering around with this for months, thinking I couldn’t do it. I just got it done in like two seconds! That one little thing, and being able to execute it, I now have a sense of pride and relief and peace that I did not know before. I love your process because it makes it feel less overwhelmed and gives me hope.”Kristen Carter, Founder, Taste and See Magazine